About This App

MyRunPace is a simple runner's pace calculator. Whether you are working out your running goals and training plans to train for your next 10k, half marathon or full marathon or working out how you performed in your last training run or race you can use this runner's pace calculator to convert easily between pace, speed or time for a given distance.


  • Enter values in one or more cells, the application will calculate all others possible. Hit tab or enter to recalculate. You can enter pace - minutes and seconds per kilometer or mile, speed - miles or kilometers per hour, distance - either miles or kilometers is fine, as long as you're consistent and time in hours, minutes and seconds.

  • To calculate the pace you need to run per kilometer (or mile) enter a distance for example 42k for a marathon and a target time.

    To calculate what your pace was enter a time and a distance to see you pace (per kilometer or mile) and your speed (kph / mph).

    To convert, enter pace or speed to calculate speed or pace respectively.

  • If you want to share your calculation, first perform the calculation then select either kilometers or miles and hit either the Twitter or Facebook share buttons. You can edit your message before you post so you can post your targets or accomplishments...

    "Wow, so that's my Boston Marathon qualifying target 4:30 per k to run 42k in 3:8:59"
    "Great fun at the Prague Half Marathon ran 4:58 per k to run 21k in 1:44:15"

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